Students' rights and obligations

The information below is a fraction of the rules that LTU itself has decided to make things better for students. Unfortunately, not all rules are followed. Each student should be able to talk to their teacher or examiner and demand what is punctuated.

More information can be found at: Student rights and obligations at LTU

If you feel that your rights as a student are being violated, you as a student should report this to us at Teknologkåren . All educational-related issues are reported to

The student is expected to

  • take responsibility for their studies and knowledge development.
  • regularly check their student e-mail, "My pages" on leu's website as well as Fronter
  • contact LTU for help with disabilities. LTU offers help for reading and writing difficulties and much more.

The student should receive

  • a review of the course evaluation and improvement measures at the start of the course.
  • reasonable time to complete the information and receive feedback before the examination.
  • schedule no later than 10 days before the start of the course. Schedule changes after this shall be made in consultation with the students. The examiner should release the information.
  • help from study counsellors if necessary. Visiting hours should be regular.
  • unlimited number of tests or traineeships unless specified in the syllabus.
  • the course literature has been established no later than 50 days before the start of the course. If less than half the book is used, this should be in the syllabus. All course literature should be available at the library.
  • examination results within 20 working days of the examination and no later than 12 working days before the examination. (If more than 60 people take the course or if it is given at a distance, only 12 working days before the examination is valid.
  • personal injury insurance.
  • be treated equally regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, religion or other belief, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and age.


  • The score scope of a task should correspond to the time in HP.
  • The module schedule must be completed no later than 10 days before the application deadline.
If you have questions regarding a specific area, you can contact the experts in the Engineering Corps. We also help you solve problems. However, in case of problems, you should discuss with the directly affiliated staff of LTU before contacting us.

Working Principal student safety representative
Education Chairman of the Education Unit
Equal treatment Chairman of social unit