STUK Bar och Restaurang

STUK is located at campus Luleå and is the students' nightclub. STUK is jointly owned by Teknologkåren and Luleå Studentkår. At nighttime, STUK arranges everything from quiet pub nights to grand parties. During the day they operate as a café and also serves lunch. As a member of the union you get discounted entry to the nightclub, discount on lunch and breakfast, and during the exam period you get free coffee ("Tentakaffe").

Mitt Livs StiL

The campus gym that offers everything from massage to weight training. As a member of the union you get further discounts on your membership at Mitt Livs Stil. The discount for the STIL card: 20 SEK per month or 245 SEK per year.


On Hitract, you'll find Teknologkåren membership, communication, events and event tickets. Additionally, you can connect with other students at LTU and other schools around the country.


Mecenat that works to collect all student discounts nationwide, to make your life easier as a student. As astudent you get access to all of Mecenats discounts. Read more about Mecenat and their offers on their website.

Kulturens hus

As a member of the union you get exclusive discounts for events happening at Kulturens Hus. 

In addition to a hundred yearly concerts, you will also find an art gallery, a library, a restaurant and café at Kulturens Hus. 

Watch out for new events and discounts in Teknologkårens weekly newsletter.


To be involved in Teknologkåren you need to be a union member.. Do you want to help the new students when they arrive in August? Or maybe you would like to help arrange next years LARV? Or do you want to become a member of the union council? Then it is time to become a member of Teknologkåren.