Our organization

Education, Student life, Career

Our three words of value. Short, precise, vital. They are the basis for everything we do and also the words that best describe what areas we are working in. We make sure that your courses are fair, we arrange Nolleperioden, we also arrange the yearly work fair LARV, and so much more. 

By students, for students

Teknologkåren is a member-driven and member-democratic organization that does its utmost to make your study time the best possible. Although we are mainly targeting technologists, we work based on your education, your student life and your future to create as active, fun and stimulating an environment as possible for all students at Luleå University of Technology.

You as a student are the foundation for our organization. Through us you can get your voice heard in our higher decision-making bodies. Do not forget that you can get involved to help us drive the organization forward.

Organization chart for Teknologkåren

The Union Council is Teknologkårens highest decision-making body. The Council consist of 23 members, chosen by our different divisions, to make big and long-term decisions about Teknologkåren. The Union Board on the other hand makes shorter and more focused decisions, that usually makes their way to the Management team who handles Teknologkårens daily work. 

Do you want a meeting notice for the Union Council? Send an email to io@teknologkaren.se.