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Contact Teknologkåren

If you have opinions, thoughts, complaints or questions, you can contact us.

General questions

If you have general questions or do not know where to turn, you can contact our Receptionist.
Read more about the administrative office.

Susanne Brandebo
0920-944 44 (menyval 2)
Questions about your education

If you have complaints, suggestions, questions or feel that something is not right regarding your education, you can contact the Head of educational affairs. Read more.

Erik Lindström
Head of educational affairs
070-686 25 83
Questions about your study environment

Whether it is physical or mental, our Main Student Safety Representative is here for you when it comes to the study environment. Read more.

Joel Wigroth
Head of social welfare and equality
073-153 35 57
Advertising contact

If you as a company or student association want to spread student-relevant information via our media, contact the Head of information and marketing for help and more info.

Gustav Jakula
Head of information and marketing
072-232 70 09
For companies

Do you as a company want to collaborate with Teknologkåren? Look no further! We have several different offers and packages that you can use to reach a large range of students. Read more.

Gustav Jakula/Beck Löfstedt Östling
Head of corporate affairs
072-232 70 09, 070 686 25 84
Organizational affairs

Do you have questions regarding the organization in large? Contact the President of Teknologkåren.

Erik Welltén
President of Teknologkåren
070-686 25 88

Luleå ArbetsmarknadsVecka, more known as "LARV", is our work fair and is the largest yearly event at Luleå University of Technology. LARV takes place the third week of January each year, where the work fair takes place on Wednesday.

Beck Löfstedt Östlin
Project manager LARV
070-686 25 84
The Administrative Office

The Administrative Office is owned by Teknologkåren and is located on the first floor of Studenternas Hus. Here you can get answers about when you can buy ovve, buy union membership or get your keys from Studentbostadsservice.
Read more.

Susanne Brandebo
0920-944 44 (menyval 2)
Therese Östling
Head of the Administrative Office
0920-944 44 (menyval 3 & 4)