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Here you as a company can read more about how you together with Teknologkåren can reach the technology students in Luleå. We are constantly working to give our members, and other students here at Luleå University of Technology, the possibility to meet companies and open their eyes to the possibilities that the labor market offers.


To give the students the possibility to get inspired by companies and to give the companies the possibility to find good students. That is the purpose to why Teknologkåren wants to arrange events close to companies for the technology students at Luleå University of Technology. There are endless possibilities of meeting forms between students and corporations. In our event portfolio you will find suggestions about meeting forms we know are appreciated by students.


As a company it might be hard to always be in place to recruit students. Maybe there aren't enough resources to send company representatives all over Sweden. Therefore Teknologkåren offers you other ways to be seen. To place your brand everywhere makes the student aware of you and your brand, and opens their eyes towards your company. 

Contact for marketing

Do you want to advertise your company or have any questions regarding marketing alternatives? Contact our Head of Information and Marketing. 

Gustav Jakula
Head of information and marketing
072-232 70 09
Contact for event

Do you want to arrange an event with your company, or have any questions regarding event alternatives? Contact the project manger for LARV.

Beck Löfstedt Östlin
Project manager LARV
070-686 25 84