Photo: Markoolio, Nolleperioden 2019

By students, for students 

STUK is a restaurant, pub and nightclub owned by Teknologkåren and Luleå Studentkår. Everyday there is a lunch buffet with discounted prices for students and union members. Every weekday the pub is open during the afternoons. 

Norrbotten's largest nightclub 

Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays STUK has their nightclub open, and can then receive up to 1300 happy students. There are often larger arrangements and events at STUK, such as "tentaröj" (the afterparty for the exams), BEAT, OktoberPhaest and so much more. Our workers are non-profit workers during both pub-and nightclub activities. 

Get involved 

Want to get involved in one of our teams? Then you can contact them directly via our website.


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