teknologkaren-106pxWe are the Student union of engineering at Luleå university of technology

We are involved in developing the society of tomorrow through today’s technology programs, creating contacts and social events.

We are actively working to improve all technical courses at Luleå university. We do this through an open and dedicated advocacy from all our members.

Good education is just one of our ways to contribute, and we have of course also fun outside studies. By including our social activities and business events, we establish contacts for life. Contacts that enable a successful future and develop all of our members socially as well as personally.

You can support us by joining us as a member. When joining the Student Union of Engineering you also get discounts on the entrance to our nightclub STUK and discount on the membership at Mitt Livs StiL. Also you get all the discounts from Mecenat, which is a nationwide company that works to collect all the student discounts. More information about Mecenat discounts on their website. Visit us at our secretary in the C-300 corridor and buy our membership. A one year membership costs 300 SEK.


  • StiL: 245 SEK/year or 20 SEK/month in discount
  • STUK: 20 SEK in discount on entrance
  • Nationwide discounts provided by Mecenat